Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Is a Disappointment – Daddy Freeze Slams Christ Embassy Leader

Pastor Chris

Chris Oyakhilome aka the the founder of Love world Ministries popularly known as Christ embassy. Said that why their is a lockdown in Lagos,Abuja is because they are planning on installing 5G. That what is killing people in Wuhan, China is not corona virus but the 5G installed their. Daddy freeze reacted:


“I am disappointed in Chris Oyakhilome. How can the Federal Government has secret 5G plan? What on earth is this? How can he get away with saying such things? The deaths in Wuhan were caused by 5G not Corona virus? Like WTF?

“According to him, the federal government needed to lockdown Lagos and Abuja to install 5G? Really? Like the government needs anyone’s approval to install anything.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is rooted deeply in illusory correlation, attitude polarization and belief perseverance, making teachings like these dangerous.

“How I wish I can ‘unhear’ this, I can’t believe I just wasted a part of the few daylight hours at my disposal listening to such.”


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