Kanye west is officially a billionaire

Kanye west is officially a billionaire

Friday the hip-hop artist turned footwear mogul provided documents claiming that his net worth is more than $3 billion. it was said that magazine omitted his because of his race (black American).The artist /fashion designer makes most of his money from YEEZY has he is the sole ownership of the company.

Description of his total net worth :

  • A $1.26 billion stake in athletic wear brand Yeezy, which Bank of America valued at $3 billion last year
  • $17 million in cash
  • $35 million in stocks
  • $21 million in real estate
  • $3,845,162 worth of vehicles
  • $297,050 of livestock
  • $53 million in debt, divided between West and his wife Kim Kardashian West


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