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I Touch My Church Member Breast And Hit Them On The Ground For Healing, Pastor Reveals

The pastor who said that his way of miracles is not clear to man but to God alone, the news of this man of God has been so alarming this few days for people are complaining the have never seen This kind of miracles before

Why some say he is fake, some claims that this kind of miracle does not exist, who are we humans to judge is only time will tell weader truly he was sent by God or by the devil

Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje is unarguably one of the most talked about spiritual figures in Nigeria. His exotic approach to conducting miracle sessions has been the subject of huge debate that has led many to doubt his genuineness as a true man of God.

The man of God is popularly known as the Wrestlemania pastor for his way of miracles has attracted people from far and wide to the church to receive miracles therefore creating revenue for the state.

That’s the way and how this man does his miracles is left for God to judge.

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